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Gavin Rackham - Rackhams Auto Body Centre

It's good to see that there are some companies out there in the Automotive industry that are prepared to really focus on attention to detail with regards to genuine customer satisfaction and mutual progress.

All too often a good idea fails because the company behind it uses an unsuitable approach to achieving the aim. We think that Autoclimate are different in this respect because they seem prepared to discuss the future openly and constructively, with fresh yet viable concepts.


Mike Ribbons - Brockford Accident Repair Centre

We have used Autoclimate as our preferred supplier of AC, cooling and lighting parts for over 5 years - they have also provided AC equipment, support and training to our staff. Their service has always been excellent.


Andrew Bowman - E J Bowmans

As well as a dedicated customer services contact, Autoclimate also have a team of Regional Business Managers, our local Business Manager even delivered our refrigerant handling assessments on-site. They are more than simply a parts supplier.


Paul Goddard - Bodyshop Support

I recommend Autoclimate Access to repairers because the benefits are straightforward. The volume bonus alone can make the subscription worthwhile - add to that the training, equipment packages, technical support, free DVLA lookups and online management information and the value is obvious.

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Interceptor requires no repairer input. There are no repairer screens and opportunities to supply are detected automatically - simply order the parts as quoted when you need them!



Access subscribers are invited to become RAPS panel members, receiving test-fit parts in return for completing a brief real-world appraisal of appearance and fitability.

Autoclimate Access deliver air conditioning components, engine cooling and lighting throughout the UK
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