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Autoclimate are committed to training as the best means of raising industry standards. In the past, variable standards of workmanship have caused problems including high costs and delays on air conditioning work.

Many work providers (including fleet, warranty and road risk insurers) look closely at training standards when deciding where to place work. Autoclimate's modular training program aims to raise technical competence to help you deliver the quality of work your customers expect.

Autoclimate have developed the most comprehensive technical training program currently available, combining practical exercises with theory, explanation and assessment.

Key Benefits

The modular training program is fully CIty & Guilds of London accredited. Completion of these modules will lead to a Nationally Recognised City & Guilds qualification in Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (5101-94-302 or 5101-94-303).

Note: C&G/IMI accreditation available at no extra cost, contact Autoclimate's Technical Services department for further information.

Modular Training
Module Description City & Guilds Certification Cost per Candidate Access subscribers
1 A/C Fundamentals
(now inc Refrigerant Handling)
5101-94-302 £ 395.00 £ 75.00
2 A/C Components 5101-94-303* £ 295.00 £ 75.00
3 Auto Electrics £ 295.00
4 Basic Diagnostics £ 295.00
5 Climate Control £ 295.00
6 Advanced Diagnostics £ 295.00

Additional Training
Ref. Description City & Guilds Certification Cost per Candidate Access subscribers
N/A Refrigerant Handling first candidate (on site) 5101-94-301 £ 295.00 £ 75.00
N/A Refrigerant Handling - additional candidates (on site) 5101-94-301 £ 220.00 £ 75.00
N/A Refrigerant Handling (Autoclimate premises) 5101-94-301 £ 220.00 £ 75.00
N/A RMS Operator Training (up to 4 technicians) N/A £ 350.00 FOC
N/A Service Adviser Training N/A N/A FOC
N/A Sales Adviser Training N/A N/A FOC

* A charge of £75 per candidate applies to Autoclimate Access subscribers for City & Guilds certification 5101-94-303. PLEASE NOTE: The Refrigerant Handling qualification can be combined with RMS Install, RMS Operator Training or RMS Service. Please phone 0345 505 0900 or contact us for more details.



Interceptor requires no repairer input. There are no repairer screens and opportunities to supply are detected automatically - simply order the parts as quoted when you need them!


Refrigerant Handling

Technicians working on A/C systems will need an approved refrigerant handling qualification by 4th July 2010 due to EU legislation to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Autoclimate Access deliver air conditioning components, engine cooling and lighting throughout the UK
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